Code Red weather warnings in Martin County

We've reached the time of year where emergency weather conditions could be more common.

And Martin County is prepared to make sure residents get all of the emergency information they might need.

The county emergency management team is debuting a new system that will send emergency alerts to more people.

The system, called Code Red, can send emergency texts, email and call your cell phone to notify you of any dangers in your neighborhood.

That can be anything from a water boil notification to evacuation information or severe weather alerts.

This replaces an old system that could only contact people who have a landline phone.

"We have the ability to reach out to many, many more people and our goal in emergency management in the event that we need to do mass notification to the public is to reach as many people as many different ways as we can," said Chris Church with Martin County Emergency Management

The county hopes to reach at least an additional 10-thousand people with the new system.

Martin county residents can register their number or email for alerts at