Ben Smith arrested after deputies say they found a large amount of drugs hidden in his underwear

INDIANTOWN, Fla. - Deputies arrested a 9-time convicted felon on drug charges after the man was found with a "bizarre bulge" in his pants that turned out to be a stash of cocaine and methamphetamine.

Deputies with the Martin County Sheriff's Office say what started out as a routine traffic stop for 63-year-old Ben Smith of Indiantown ended in an arrest after Smith was allegedly found with 10-baggies of rock cocaine, 18 baggies of powder cocaine, 16 baggies of crack cocaine, and 45 methamphetamine capsules all stuffed into the homemade pocket in the front area of his underwear.

Deputies say when they pulled Smith over he pulled a large amount of money from his pants pockets and told deputies they were free to search him. Deputies inquired about the bulge and discovered the drugs.

Smith is currently on federal probation. He was arrested and charged with several counts of possession of narcotics with intent to sell. The underwear, drugs and money were placed into evidence. His bond is $55,000.