Beloved OPUS director Ronald Corbin took his final bow Thursday night in Martin County

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. - Thursday was the last performance for a beloved teacher in Martin County. OPUS Director Ronald Corbin took his final bow before a packed house. He's retiring after this school year.

270 tickets were handed out for the Spring Concert and every seat was taken.

The concert began with a standing ovation and then Corbin went to work. As Corbin conducted, the voices of 40 high schoolers filled the auditorium at Martin County High School.

"What I remember is how they sound," says Corbin, "If they sound well and I remember that all the time."

WPTV spoke with Corbin before the spring concert. He says it's hard to imagine he has been the OPUS director for 34 years. His room is filled with pictures of past choirs, awards and memories. It's also filled with students.

OPUS is a music program that travels year round performing in cities around the world.

"OPUS is just like a family," says former student Geoff Lehn.

A family that's now losing its longtime leader. Several students told us he's like a father figure. When he announced last month that he was retiring, many students say they were stunned.

"Everyone's really sad because I mean he's just an amazing person to be around," says Lehn.

"It makes me real proud and happy that I've had that kind of impact," says Corbin.