Andrei Postelnicu: Pieces of pilot's missing plane recovered

Backpack found Sunday

There's still no trace of a pilot reported missing after his plane disappeared en route to Vero Beach. But three small pieces of his aircraft have turned up.

Andrei Postelnicu was flying from Marathon and scheduled to land in Vero Beach Friday night.

The Martin County Sheriff's Office confirmed Tuesday that it had recovered three small parts from the aircraft. 

Postelnicu's backpack was found with identification inside on Sunday.

The sheriff's office said a newer boot that matched the same size as Postelnicu washed ashore Sunday afternoon.

Anyone who comes across wreckage or airplane pieces is urged not to move them and to call the Martin County Sheriff's Office at 772-220-7170.

The US Coast Guard, Civil Air Patrol and sheriff's office are continuing their search and recovery efforts.

Meghan McRoberts contributed to this report.

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