Allen Johnson: Gas prices lower, but still not low enough

Treasure Coast gas prices running cheaper

Allen Johnson takes his charter fishing boat out every day. The gas costs him a pretty penny every week.
"Anywhere from $150 to $200," he explained.
High prices forced Johnson to change the way he operates his business, Snook Action Charters.
"I can't run my big boat any more," he said. "I have to run my little boat, which means less people out on the water."
Fewer people means less money in his pocket.
"Gas is a major factor," Johnson reflected. "You gotta run from one spot to another. Sometimes you're not able to fish certain spots that's more up the river, because you gotta waste more gas to get there."
The Jupiter resident moved his business base from Palm Beach County to the Treasure Coast, because he says Stuart gas is so much cheaper.
"Jupiter, it's only $4. Here, I think it's $3.60," said Johnson.
Florida's average gas price is one cent cheaper than the national average of $3.58. That's more than 12 cents lower than last month, and economists predict the lowering trend will continue.
Nancy Mercado makes a daily commute from Hobe Sound to West Palm Beach. The drive has educated her on the need to find cheaper gas.

"I don't use it all the time, but I do have an app on my phone, and sometimes I'll check it out," said Mercado. "I'll go places that are convenient to my home."
Even though crude oil prices are still going down, there could be even more pain at the pump if gas prices spike. Prices could jump at any moment, if there are any disruptions in refinery supply.
As for Johnson, he's keeping his eye on the costs, and how they could affect his bottom line.
"I also do commercial, and I can't do commercial any more because of gas prices," Johnson said.
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