New $3 million Martin County traffic center open for a month to monitor traffic with more precision

New technology will now allow Martin County traffic officials to monitor the flow of traffic with better precision.

There are traffic monitoring cameras at 88 intersections throughout Martin County. The goal is to collect real-time data and make driving on roads as painless as possible.

The brand new $3 million dollar traffic center has been open about a month, and now functions as the hub.

The new building gives traffic officials a bird's eye view of all 88 intersections, with a total of 243 cameras.

138 miles of fiber optic cable in the ground allows them to receive real-time data, whereas before they used to rely on dial-up.

"It's where technology, with traffic control, is going these days," says Damian Bono, a traffic signal coordinator in Martin County.

If that wasn't enough, the building is actually portable. It can be moved anywhere and it's made to withstand a category five hurricane. It's the first traffic center of its kind.

"You get the best of both sustainability and the modular building," says Dustin Flint from Royal Concrete Concepts.

The new facility was paid for by grants, as well as money from the county's general budget fund.

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