Absentee ballot envelopes have printing errors

Some envelopes no place for signature

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. - In Martin County, a printer error has the Supervisor of Elections reminding absentee voters to put their signature on the envelope before mailing in the ballot.

That's because some of the 33-thousand absentee ballots mailed out didn't provide information or space on the back of the envelope for the voters signature.

Martin County Supervisor of Elections Vicki Davis is apologizing for the error.  She says you can either call her office at 772-288-5637 to get a replacement, or just sign the back of the envelope yourself.

"We're required by law to check voters signature with signature that's in our database to make sure there's no fraudulent activity taking place," said Davis.

Davis says as long as there's a signature, the vote will count. She added her office has reached out to some voters who forgot to sign the back. 

What's her best advice for voters who have yet to cast a ballot?

"Make sure you have your address up to date where you are casting your vote or else you will have to vote a provisional ballot," said Davis.

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