Young fashion designer from Vero Beach headed to Hollywood

Hopes to dress some of Hollywood's celebrities

VERO BEACH, Fla. - Megan Kent isn't old enough to get into a PG-13 movie by herself, but she hopes to dress some of Hollywood's hottest celebrities.

Megan, 11, had an idea for a line of T-shirts.  The name of her company comes from a tough time in her young life, her parents' divorce.

"I came up with the name "love gone" because their love was gone for each other and added apparel since it's a clothing company," she says.

Megan and her mother are taking her Love Gone Apparel shirts to Los Angeles for Hollywood's biggest week.

They have a table at the Alive! Expo Green Pavilion & MixMedia Award Oscar Suite, where many celebrities will hang out before Sunday's Oscar ceremony.

Megan will hand out Love Gone Apparel shirts to the who's who of Hollywood.

"She really really wants Justin Bieber there but I told her, there's probably a slight slight chance he'll be there," says Megan's mom and manager, Tricia Kent.  "But they've got some other names. Kevin Bacon has gone to these things in the past, Deidre Hall. I mean, some of the names that we know."

There's no rest for the Beachwood Elementary 5th Grader when she returns to Vero Beach from Hollywood.

She's already planning a fall line.

For more information on Megan's shirts, go to

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