Vero Beach yards flood after more rain, a week after Isaac rainfall

VERO BEACH, Fla. - A little more than a week after Tropical Storm Isaac swept through the Treasure Coast, parts of Indian River County were once again under a flood advisory Thursday afternoon.

Residents in affected parts of Vero Beach say flooded yards are inconvenient. Chiquita Carter said she hasn't seen her 38th Court yard this flooded since the hurricanes of 2004 and 2005.

"The back is flooded, all the way in the back, and it's flooded all in the front yard," said Carter.  "Came home from work, I had to pull all the way up to my door just to get inside my house."

Mary Clark lives in Carter's neighborhood. She said flower vase she keeps outside of her 38th Court home was empty Wednesday morning, and Thursday was full of rain water, just like her yard.

"The water be fill up in the driveway and the walkway, it's very inconvenient," said Clark.

David Gunter with the Indian River Water Control District said drainage ran non-stop through Wednesday of last week, to deal with the high amount of rain from Tropical Storm Isaac. He said the additional rain was enough to put him on alert to keep the canals draining through even more rainfall today.

"When I got up this morning, elevations in the canals were high enough that we needed to start dumping some more water," he explained.

Robin Turner-Davis of 33rd Avenue said she has come to expect the flooding. "Every time a rain, or a rain storm comes, or something like that, it's going to fill up," she said.

Turner-Davis said it has even prevented her from getting her mail, since her mailbox is across the street through at least two inches of standing water.

"I just had to tiptoe around, walk all the way down the street and come around, just to get to my mailbox," she said.

Carter said while a flooded yard may be bad, another scenario she's already lived through is much worse.

"One day, if a really bad hurricane were to come through, (the flooding) might be inside the house," said Carter.

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