Ronald McDonald: Vero Beach man stars in Taco Bell commercial, named Ronald McDonald

Meet Ronald McDonald.
"That is really my name, yes it is, its been like that for 61 years," said McDonald.
And for 61 years, McDonald says he has never had a McDonald's breakfast.
Now, Taco Bell is hoping to cash in on his name recognition, hoping McDonald can help launch Taco Bell's new morning waffle taco.
The Vero Beach resident is one of dozens of "Ronald's McDonald's" paid to be part of Taco Bell's new ad campaign.
 "None of us were professional actors, but I think the commercial comes across very well," said McDonald.
The fast food chain began airing TV ads last Thursday featuring everyday men who happen to have the same name of Ronald McDonald.
"It gets your attention, it has name recognition, so I thought it was a very smart idea, I hope its very successful, and it plays and plays and plays," said McDonald.
McDonald captured every moment of his trip.
And now, he's left with watching the final product.