Tornado? Vero Beach residents describe apparent twister

Several mobile homes damaged

VERO BEACH, Fla. -- It was a sight some Indian River County residents won't forget.

"Funnel cloud and all the debris was swirling," said one.

Inside the Countryside Mobile Home Park in Vero Beach, mid-morning, there was a, " absolute roar." Added another...
"and then a woosh and then all you heard was banging."

"Unrelenting thunder," added a third.

One homeowner just moved here on Thursday. "Welcome to Vero Beach," he said.

The tornado left a few leaks in the roof and marks on his car.

Suzanne Barnes wasn't so lucky. "I was 2 feet from my bed I grabbed my big down comforters and my pillows, I dove in the hallway and my dining room window went sailing past me into the living room."
In less than 30 seconds it was all over... leaving incredible images and stories behind.

Debbie Hodgkins said, "I don't know if I've ever been so scared, it looked like a war zone. I talked to my mom up in Maine and she said 'are you sure you want to stay another year?'"

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