Tara Kobel: Palm Beach County School district employee flies with the Blue Angels

VERO BEACH, Fla. -- It's an opportunity very few people get, but one woman had the chance to fly with the Blue Angels Wednesday.

Tara Kobel was nominated and selected to fly with the U.S Navy's finest. "I kind of felt everything, I was nervous I was excited, I was nauseous, you name it," Kobel said about being selected.

Kobel works for the Palm Beach County School District. She oversees the Junior ROTC and had a son of her own in the Navy.

Kobel says she has a place in her heart for the military. "I am very honored and appreciative to have this opportunity," Kobel said.

This is the first year the Blue Angels have put on a show in Vero Beach. Air show organizers say it took three years to arrange for the Blue Angels to fly in Vero Beach. "Having the Navy back here is extremely significant and so meaningful," said Vero Beach Air Show Secretary, Laurie Collings.

As a school district employee, Kobel says she's using the flight as a learning opportunity not just for herself, but also as a way to educate her JROTC students.

"As long as I can educate them by doing things such as flying with the Blue Angels and other educator tours, I'm able to bring that experience back so they get more of a first hand knowledge."

It's also a chance for her to show her students the result of hard work in the military.

"These kids are bright and smart. They learn. They can focus. Because if they weren't able to, pilots such as the Blue Angels pilots would not be able to concentrate while they're up there."

She also got a taste of their bravery, Wednesday. She says the flight on fueled her passion for the military, something already dear to her and her students.