Vero Beach tornado: Storm damage in Indian River County officially caused by a tornado

Residents said they heard the sounds like a freight train, and Tuesday it was confirmed that a tornado in fact had raced through parts of Indian River County Monday morning just after 11 am.

The National Weather Service said an EF-0 with estimated winds of 80-85 miles per hour raced through the three neighborhoods of Paradise Park, Countryside, and Vero Palm Estates.  95 homes were damaged.  33 suffered major damage.

"It's just quick devastation,"  said Thomas Daniels.

"Worst thing I've ever been through," added Jerry Combs.

 "I saw a shed fly over somebody's house."  That was the recollection of Donna Volk.

Tuesday was a day for hammers and chainsaws and general cleanup from the tornado.

"I was in a back room on the computer, the power went off, ran out front, got the wife down in a low area and that was about it," added Combs.

Meteorologist Scott Spratt with the National Weather Service toured the neighborhoods affected by the twister.

"It was on the ground for two minutes and traveled 1.6 miles," said Spratt, longer than a traditional summer tornado he added, but about average when a twister is sparked by tropical moisture.

Wally Williams and his wife are staying at a friends house after their bedroom ceiling partially collapsed.

"Of course the roof is gone.  The roof of the shed is on someone else's house across the street here."

Red Cross volunteers were out in the affected areas Tuesday.

There were no fatalities or even injuries reported.

Part of that is due to the seasonal nature of the neighborhoods.

In some parts of Indian River County, more than a foot of rain fell.


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