Parents of Lynn Elliott, Vero Beach girl killed by David Alan Gore in 1983, to memorialize daughter

The public memorial ceremony will be held July 26

VERO BEACH, Fla. -- They not only want her to rest in peace. They want her life to always be remembered.

The parents of a girl murdered by serial killer David Alan Gore are working on a memorial for their daughter, Lynn Elliott.

In what aired Friday as an exclusive television story, Lynn's mother spoke on camera for the first time since the tragedy, almost three decades ago.

The Tracking Station Beach Park in Vero Beach is where Jeanne Elliott used to come to heal, after her daughter was murdered.

She and her son, Jason Elliott, would walk on the beach.

"It was my therapy. We'd pick up beach glass," said Jeanne.

Nearly 30 years after losing her daughter, this is still where she finds some sort of solace. She characterizes it as "a place of peace and tranquility."

This park is also where Jeanne and her ex-husband Carl Elliott will memorialize Lynn.

Wooden stakes mark where a bench and a plaque will go. It's in-between the parking lot and the dunes. There's a pavilion nearby.

"She would feel really pleased," said Jeanne.

"We love this location, with the sea grapes and the palmettos," Carl said.

Gore killed Lynn in the summer of 1983.

The memorial will be unveiled on July 26 at 9 a.m., on the 29th anniversary of her death. The Elliotts invite the public to attend.

"We want people to see it and not forget Lynn," said Carl.

The location is only a block from where Gore and his cousin Fred Waterfield kidnapped Lynn and a friend, Regan Martin, 14. Carl says the girls thought they were hitching a ride to Wabasso Beach.

Instead, the so-called "killing cousins" drove them to Gore's parents' house. In the driveway area, Gore shot Lynn in the head and hid her body in the trunk of his parents' vehicle. That's after she was raped and tortured.

A boy pedaling by on a bicycle saw the horrific scene. His mom's 911 call ended the serial killing spree, in which Gore murdered six women and girls. Martin was raped, but she survived.

Almost three decades later, the Elliotts still fiercely miss their daughter.

They're hoping memorializing her next month will ease the pain a bit. And if she could say anything to the teenager who left the nest too soon, Jeanne would tell Lynn, "Shine on, silver girl. Your time has come to shine. Rest in peace."

Gore, 58, was executed by lethal injection on April 12 at the state prison in Raiford. Gore was sentenced to death for murdering Lynn, his final victim. Gore admitted he killed six people. Waterfield is serving two life sentences in a Florida prison.

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