Osceola Magnet School suffers after heavy rain in Vero Beach

VERO BEACH, Fla. - Torrential rains ravaged parts of a school in Vero Beach where classes had to be canceled Monday because of flooding.

Cleanup was underway all day at Osceola Magnet School, and school will be back open Tuesday.

In the meantime, Osceola Magnet School has turned into boot country, or a place where even the principal knows she's best off going barefoot because of the flooding.

"We were able to go in once the water was down below the door sills," said Principal Susan Roberts. "The teachers went in the classrooms and pulled everything up."

6-year-old Aubrey Moxley and her classmates were told to stay home from school because of the flooding. Still, she wanted to see the damage firsthand.

"The classrooms and the hallways were going to be like super-flooded and stuff," said Moxley.

In some parts of the school, Roberts said the water was up to 6-inches high when school administrators arrived.

The music room was the hardest hit.

"We're checking all of our bookshelves and everything to make sure that those materials that are damaged are going to be taken out of here ASAP," said Roberts.

If you followed the blue hose from the cleaning truck, you could see that it went all the way into the administrative offices. If you walked inside, you could see that there's still water and mulch on the ground that they were trying to clean up.

Roberts says, until everything is "thoroughly" cleaned, the students will double up and share rooms not affected by the flooding. She expects things to be back to normal in a week and a half to two weeks.

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