Mitchell Brad Martinez: Indian River County inmate found unconscious is now dead

VERO BEACH, Fla. - An inmate, Mitchell Brad Martinez, 37, of Vero Beach, has died four days after Indian River County deputies found him unconscious in a transport van.

The District 19 Medical Examiner Office confirmed the death Wednesday morning.

An autopsy is planned Thursday to determine a cause of death, which could take several weeks.

"It's something that we absolutely hate to see. We want to find out what happened to Mr. Martinez. He's 37-years old. Very young. We want to know why it is he tragically passed away," says Sgt. Eric Flowers of the Indian River County Sheriff's Office.

Martinez's friends and family say there are more questions than answers right now looming around his death.

"Things just don't add up. There are just  a lot of things that make you wonder. Because you keep adding two and two together and it doesn't equal four," says Kevin Lyons, one of Martinez's close friends.

He questions the video recently released by the sheriff's office which shows Martinez getting into a van on its way to jail from court.

"At one point in time it looks like they were signaling the person taking care of the video to stop the video," Kevin says.

Before Martinez gets in the van, it appears the video freezes, so you don't see what happens next.

In the next clip released by the sheriff's office, you see paramedics trying to revive an unconscious Martinez after he was removed from the van.

"There is a bad apple in there. There is someone that they need to clean up and remove from our system," Kevin says of the sheriff's office.

"It could possibly be homicide," he adds.

The sheriff's office is confident its deputies did not cause Martinez's untimely death.

"Our folks were not involved in the death of Mr. Martinez. I'm sure the autopsy will reveal what it was that caused his death," Sgt. Flowers says.

Martinez's death was first reported Tuesday night by Treasure Coast Newspapers.

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