Dr. Michael Herman, Vero Beach veterinarian, supports Lance Armstrong's foundation, Livestrong

Lance Armstrong admits to doping

Dr. Michael Herman, a veterinarian in Vero Beach, said he became a serious cyclist because of Lance Armstrong.


"I think Lance is responsible for a lot of people getting on bikes," he said.


Herman has ridden with Armstrong, along with thousands of others, in the Livestrong Foundation 100-mile event. The ride  benefits people with cancer.


"I think it's a tremendous thing that Lance has done, off the bike," said Herman.


As for his on-the bike activities, Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, and he reportedly confessed to doping.


Herman said he, and the cycling community, were let down by the cycling hero.


"Disappointed? Yes, I was disappointed to find out that there were definite links to doping," he said.


Herman said despite Armstrong's recent confession, Herman can't lose sight of the foundation's goal of helping those with cancer.


"Helping them find their way through the maze of cancer and cancer treatment, that's what's important," said Herman.



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