Diana Duve: Missing Vero Beach woman found dead inside car

Boyfriend arrested Sunday night

A missing persons case came to a sad end after the body of a 26-year-old Vero Beach woman was discovered in the trunk of her own car.

Vero Beach Police Chief David Currey had to relay the news Monday morning to the family of Diana Duve.

"It's more personal.  We all have family and things like that so it's slightly difficult in that regard," said Chief Currey.

Duve was last seen with her on-again off-again boyfriend Michael Jones.

Police say the pair was seen leaving together from the What A Tavern in Vero Beach around 1:15 Friday morning.  They left in Duve's car. A half hour later, Duve sent a text to her parents saying she wouldn't be home that night.

"That was one thing they were adamant about.  She always kept in touch even if she wasn't staying at home, she told them where she was," said Chief Currey.

Duve had recently moved out of Jones' apartment and back in with her parents.

Detectives talked with Jones' neighbors Monday trying to find out how he managed to get back to Vero from Melbourne where Duve's car was left in a shopping center parking lot of Babcock Road.

Pings from Jones' cell phone led investigators to Duve's car, and to Jones, who was found at a Fort Pierce motel.

"It's essentially like a GPS tracker where we were able to get a search warrant for that," said the chief who added it was the first time they had used this type of technology in a case.

Jones has not been charged with the disappearance of Duve only with violating his probation from a 2012 case in Broward County where he was convicted of aggravated stalking with a firearm.  A condition of that probation is that he was not supposed to leave the county.

Jones is an attorney employed by PNC Bank where he was involved in wealth management and legal issues.  He told police he had no idea where Duve was.  Duve was a nurse for the past year at Sebastian River Medical Center in the medical surgical unit.

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