David Alan Gore executed

UPDATE: David Alan Gore was executed and pronounced dead at 6:19 p.m. of lethal injection.



David Alan Gore began his morning at the Florida State Prison with a visit from his mother and ex-wife, according to prison spokesperson Ann Howard.

Speaking to the media just outside the prison grounds Howard, along with assistant warden Brad Whitehead, described Gore as calm and cooperative on Thursday.
The prison said in addition to meeting with his ex-wife and mother for an hour, Gore also met with a spiritual advisor on Thursday afternoon. The prison did not specify a faith or the position of the spiritual advisor.

"When I went in there, his spiritual adviser was still in there, of course our correctional officers were in there as well, but I would describe it as very calm and very respectful," Howard said.

Howard characterized Gore's last meal as "pretty simple" and said he ate fried chicken, French fries, butter-pecan ice cream and a soft drink.
Gore is scheduled for execution by lethal injection at 6:00 p.m. for murdering 17-year-old Lynn Elliott of  Vero Beach in 1983. She is one of 6 women or girls Gore killed.

He will receive three injections through intravenous tubes in his arms. The first will sedate him, the second will paralyze him and the third is designed to stop his heart.

A private citizen, who will be paid $150, will administer the injections. That person's identity will not be revealed.

Howard said Gore hand wrote a letter which will be made public after his execution.

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