Alex Cobb recovering after line drive hit, father says pitchers should wear helmets

VERO BEACH, Fla. - Vero Beach native Alex Cobb, who pitches for the Tampa Bay Rays, is still recovering after being hit nearly ten days ago with a line drive hit.

On Tuesday, Cobb's father, Rick Cobb, said his son is making progress.

Now, the discussion continues on whether or not pitchers should wear protective head gear.

Rick Cobb usually watches his son play on TV, but was at the game when Alex was hit. "I wasn't sitting too far from the field," Cobb explained.

He says the stadium went silent instantly. "I didn't rush down the stairs until they took him out in the ambulance."

Cobb says he watched a clip of the hit with doctors when they were trying to determine where exactly the ball hit him. Now, he avoids re-watching it.

"I don't watch it too often. I try to turn it off," said Cobb.

He hopes no other parents will have to see the same thing. He says pitchers should have the option of wearing protective head gear.

"Id like to see him wear it, Id like to see every pitcher out there wearing it," he said.

Batters and base coaches, for example, do wear helmets. Cobb says they have more reaction time, and more distance in most cases from the ball than a pitcher. That's why he thinks pitchers should have just as much, if not more protection.

"There's no excuse. I think baseball is basically negligent in not having anything," said Cobb.

Some pitchers say they think the head gear might ruin a pitchers peripheral vision.

Alex Cobb, however, has said he's support the option of protective head gear.

"He's going crazy because he can't do much can't go to the gym, he can't work out, he want to be playing," Cobb said.

Cobb says a helmet could have helped him stay in the game.

"Injuries are part of the game, but when someone gets killed, that won't be," he said.

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