Active day for weather expert

VERO BEACH, Fla. - It was a busy day for National Weather Service Meteorologist Scott Spratt.

He drove down from his office in Melbourne and started his day in the Vero Shores neighborhood.

After assessing the damage and talking with other scientists, he determined it was a tornado that touched down along Southeast 22nd Place.

"In a situation like this, we're seeing rotation on radar aloft. So there's a circulation aloft. We followed that for 15 miles and along that 15 mile track the tornado touched down at this location for about two-tenths of a mile it lifted back into the cloud and continued onward," Spratt said.

Spratt then went to Indiantown where he determined that another tornado had touched down there.

Both twisters measured as EF-zeros.

Those are the weakest measured tornadoes. However, the storm that destroyed the VFW post in Indiantown had winds of 80-85 miles an hour while the storm in Indian River County registered about 65 miles an hour.

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