A candlelight vigil was held Friday night in memory of Diana Duve, Bridget Feacher

VERO BEACH, FL - It was an emotional Friday night in Vero Beach.  Hundreds of people came to a candlelight vigil at Riverside Park to show their love and support for two families whose loved ones were killed earlier this week. 

Police say both women were killed as a result of domestic violence. 

"Hopefully their families are touched by it," says organizer Ken Julian.

The event was organized by a friend of Diana Duve.  She was found dead on Monday. Police arrested a former boyfriend.  Her family attended the vigil in her memory.

"Diana was really loved and she was known by everybody," says Julian.

Bridget Feacher's family was also in the crowd.  Her body was found on Monday.  Her estranged husband is now charged with murder.  Police say both are domestic violence cases.  That's why many people at the vigil wore purple.

"It's scary to think that this happened back to back in our little community," says organizer Brittany Norair.

Toward the end of the event, Feacher and Duve's families lit candles in the shape of a flower and then released it in the water.  A symbol of two lives that shine so bright in the hearts of many people.

The event also paid tribute to two other local women who were killed this week, Grace Assenza and Jessica Exantus. Police in those cases blame domestic violence. 

Safespace was also here to raise awareness about domestic violence.   The organization has seen an increase in calls this week.  It provides help and a safe place for victims of domestic violence.

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