Vandals mark up new Fellsmere Elementary school building

FELLSMERE, Fla. - There's no summer vacation on the grounds of Fellsmere Elementary.

Crews are hard at work on a new backyard, and more importantly a new building.

But principal Ramon Echeverria discovered someone had vandalized the campus Wednesday.

"It seems like something minor but the bottom line is a lack of respect," said Echeverria.

A storage room was broken into and a fire extinguisher set off.

But what saddened him even more was that someone had written graffiti on the new $9.5 million expansion.

"This is your school.  Take care of your own property in your own town.  It is disappointing, sad, silly," said Echeverria.

While school officials are taking inventory to see exactly what was taken, police are hoping they will get some help from what the criminals left behind.

"The individuals that broke into the room were kind enough to leave their footprints behind in the fire extinguisher residue," said Fellsmere Officer Larry Larson.

Officer Larson says the city is cracking down on things that diminish the city's quality of life.

If you know anything, call Fellsmere Police at 772-571-1360.