Wounded war veteran searches for stolen car on Treasure Coast

Sebastian PD investigating grand theft auto case

SEBASTIAN, Fla. - A Treasure Coast veteran is on a new kind of mission to find his missing Ford Mustang. To Martin May, someone has gotten away with much more than his vehicle.

Army National Guardsman Sgt. Martin May was in Iraq in 2009 when a sniper took a shot at his head. His left eye, his teeth and his sinuses were destroyed.

"Because of the brain damage, because of the injury, I'm unable to cry," said May. "So, I don't."

In the years since combat, May has struggled with PTSD. Now he has lost something else.

"You don't believe it because it's a part of you," he said of his 1965 Fast Back Ford Mustang. He put it in storage at a Sebastian facility while he and his wife settled into their new home in Vero Beach.

"I have been the only one who has driven that car since the age of 14 which was 33 years ago," said May.

Workers at About Storage recently notified May that his prized possession was no longer there. Now, Sebastian Police are trying to figure out where it went. Surveillance video at the facility does not show anyone hauling the vehicle away.

Employees say they thought May had taken it weeks ago. But, he hadn't. "Somebody had seen it and decided that 'I don't have one so I'm going to take his'," said May.

May had plans to repair the car as kind therapy to help deal with the battles he has already fought.

"To me, it was basically taking an old friend and making it well again," he said. "I've lost a lot of my childhood memories. That's my childhood. That's my whole life."

Managers of the storage facility are fully cooperating with police and said the cameras - though recording 24 hour a day - were not facing the direction in which this felony theft took place.

Anyone with information should contact Treasure Coast CrimeStoppers or the Sebastian Police Department.

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