Wiliam Shogran, Jr.: Sebastian River High School football player dies during practice

SEBASTIAN, Fla. -- During open house at Sebastian River High School Thursday, students like Matthew Walker had more on their mind than new class schedules.

"He'll be on my mind a lot," Walker said.

"I thought it was a joke. He was too young to die this early," said Devin Thomas.

Walker and Thomas both knew William Shogran since Elementary school, but learned he won't be starting his freshman year.

Shogran was home schooled, but was going to play on the Sebastian River High School football team.

"In fifth grade, we always played football and he's always be the first one on the field," Walker said.

"He just enjoyed it and that's what he wanted to play," said Thomas

The team was at a training camp outside Jacksonville at Fort Blanding this week.

The Indian River County School District says on Wednesday, Shogran walked off the practice field, told coaches he felt dizzy and became unresponsive.

Shogran was pronounced dead moments later.

At this point, it is unclear if heat played a part in his death.

Some Sebastian River High School parents say they are worried about their children playing outside sports in the Florida heat. "I won't sign them up for it," said parent Natira Williams.

Sebastian Youth Football League President, Don Duffy, says he stressed safety Thursday night at his football practice, as he would any night they practice.

"We give them plenty of water so they are acclimated. It's hot in Florida," Duffy said.

The Sebastian Youth Football League is a feeder league for Sebastian River High School. Though Shogran never played in the league, Duffy says it's like losing a member of the sharks family.

He informed the younger football players about Shogran's death following practice.

The league now banding together to support the Shogran family, of one of the newest in the Sharks community.

"We love you. We're behind you. Our prayers are there," said Duffy.

An autopsy report will not be available for several months.

The Indian River County School District will have grief counselors on hand at Sebastian River High School.