Sebastian Police removed car and boats from missing woman's home Monday

SEBASTIAN, Fla. - Sebastian Police were back at the home of missing woman Patricia Harrison on Monday.

They removed two small boats from the backyard and a car from the garage.

Investigators say Harrison's son Alfred Geary committed suicide in the home on Sunday.

"We were going over there to pick up his mother's toothbrush and hairbrush for DNA and it wasn't any type of confrontational visit. He said he was more than happy to cooperate and said I will be waiting for you in front of the house," Sebastian Police Detective Todd Finnegan said.

Finnegan says when he arrived at the house no one was answering the door, so he called for backup.

Police went inside and say they found Geary dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound in a bedroom.

Detective Finnegan says Geary is the only person he is suspicious of at this moment.

He says Geary didn't report his mother missing for a couple of days and told investigators she must have gone shopping, despite the fact that her purse and car remained at the house.

"His story did slightly change. Some of the statements he made were a little inconsistent. Some things were added a little differently from the first day I met him," Detective Finnegan said.

Neighbors say they always had suspicions about what might have happened, but since the suicide, they are especially concerned.

"I feel like we will never find out who it is because she is gone and he might have had something to do with it," neighbor Marion Jones said.

Detectives say Geary's girlfriend also lived in the home with Patricia Harrison. They say she is not a person of interest and neither is her ex husband. Both are cooperating with the investigation.

Friends of Geary are in shock.

"It is hard for me to imagine that he did it, but it certainly points in that direction," friend Dave Smith said.

Detectives say Geary did not leave behind a suicide note. They say he does have a criminal history, but nothing violent.

If you have any information that could help investigators, call Sebastian Police at 772-473-2091.

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