Sebastian police issue nuisance alligator warning after 2 dogs attacked

SEBASTIAN — Police have issued a nuisance alligator warning after a dog’s head was found in a large lake and canal system in the central part of the city.

A second dog was attacked in the same area, police spokesman Officer Steve Marcinik said Monday.

The dog head was found Friday along Ponoka Street on the north side of the city’s Lake Hardee Park. That lake is part of a wide canal system that extends southeast into central Sebastian residential areas. At the other end it empties into the North Fork of the St. Sebastian River.

Residents are urged to keep their pets under control, or on leashes, while police and state wildlife officials try to find the alligator. Marcinik said witnesses described it as being very large.

State wildlife officials have been alerted to investigate.

In the meantime, police ask residents to call the police department at 589-5233 if they see the alligator. Call 911 if a pet or animal is in immediate danger.


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