Mother talks about Sebastian football player William Shogran, Jr. who died at football camp

Maria Wray said her son William Shogran, Jr., was excited for his first year of football. “I think he was really starting to get into it and he felt more confident.”

The teen, who was homeschooled, was at Camp Blanding Wednesday for the Sebastian River High School football team’s football camp.

He became sick and the coaches allowed him to take a break. When his symptoms became more serious they called 911, according to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office.

Wray, who spoke by phone to WJXT , said she knows paramedics did everything they could to try and save her son.

“They said they took a little more than an hour trying to revive him,” Wray said.

Wray told WJXT her son loved video games and comics and admitted that she spoiled him a bit.

She has a message for parents. “Hug your kids all the time and tell them that you love them.”

Information from WJXT and WPTV