Local boaters batten down the hatches as forecasters watch a tropical disturbance off the coast

Local boaters are keeping a close eye on the tropical disturbance that's off the Treasure Coast. Indian River County has also been sending text alerts to people.

On Monday evening, Terry Wildey checked his bait fish and then the ropes on his boat.

"I can lose my house, I can lose my truck, I can even lose my Harley but can't lose the boat," says Wildey.

He has 41 years of experience on the water so he knows forecasts can change quickly.

"You just kind of got to go by what it's been and kind of anticipate what you see coming," says Wildey.

From the St. Sebastian River Bridge, you could see white caps in the water and the wind was blowing.

Wildey was out in ocean with his business called Big Easy Fishing Charters.  On Monday afternoon, he saw four foot waves hitting every 3 or 4 seconds from the tropical disturbance off shore.

"It was straight up and down," says Wildey, "Before the boat would have time to adjust it would be snapping right back."

Forecasters say Tuesday could be worse.  Wildey is prepared.

"They're calling 15 to 20 (mph winds) but then they're saying two to three foot seas which is kind of contradictory but we're saying it's fishable but it's going to be sloppy," says Wildey.

Wildey says those conditions are okay for seasoned boaters.  He has a family scheduled for a boat trip on Tuesday. He told them the choppy water might be too much for the kids.

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