Kristen O'Connor: American Idol contestant from Sebastian to perform in top 13

community rallies in her support

SEBASTIAN, Fla. - Sebastian's American Idol contestant, Kristen O'Connor, will be taking the national stage Thursday as a finalist in the top 13 competition.

But before making it to the big stage, O'Connor was booking open mic performances at Inlet Wines in Sebastian. Her name is still on the sign up sheet.

"She's definitely one of the best," owner Jesse Rijos said.

Rijos described her a quiet and seemingly nervous until she grabbed the mic. "When she gets on stage, it's like she's in another zone," Rijos explained.

Her pastor, John Stranzin at Crossroads Church says she developed that comfort by singing in church.

She and her mom sing weekly at the church. "When I first heard her sing, she's one of those voices that when you hear her, you just get captivated. I mean, you're just like that girl can sing," Stranzin said.

With so many Sebastian roots, the town is rallying behind her to see her succeed.

Her former High School, Sebastian River High School, posted a message on their marquis wishing her good luck. Drivers are painting their cars with her pictures and supportive words. Her church is encouraging the congregation to vote for her.

"We're super proud of her," Stranzin said.

The town just hoping the country will latch on and support her just as much as they do.

Her mother in Hollywood says Kristen is excited for her performance and thankful for everyone's support.

WPTV news partner reports how to vote for O'Connor throughout her time on American Idol.

Vote for O’Connor
Voting is open after each performance show.
You can vote online, if you have a valid Facebook account, or by text or phone.
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