KAITLYN HUNT: Prosecutors allege Sebastian teen continued to text, meet with alleged victim

Hunt could be sent back to jail

SEBASTIAN, Fla. -- Many unanswered questions remained Thursday night surrounding alleged court ordered violations that could send Kaitlyn Hunt back to jail.

The state attorney's office alleges Hunt ignored order to stay away from her alleged child victim.

According to documents filed on Thursday at the Indian River County Courthouse, prosecutors said Hunt continued to text, send videos and even secretly met with the girl she was ordered to stay away from.
Just days away from the start of the new school year at Sebastian River High School, Hunt was thrusted back into the spotlight.

"Since summer happened, it just kind of went away.  But I'm sure it's going to come back up in these next few weeks because of everything that just happened," said Brittany O'Neal, a senior.

O'Neal and her teammates said the allegations were all the talk at volleyball practice on Thursday.

State prosecutors said Hunt exchanged 20,000 text message with the alleged victim.

"No matter what if they find out we talked I'm going to jail until trial starts," prosecutors said Hunt wrote. "If my mom finds out we're talking I'm blaming it on you."

The state attorney's office said Hunt sent sexually explicit photos, a video and the two even continued to secretly meet.

"The court can basically hold Kaitlyn in pre-trial detention. Basically in jail until this case gets resolved," said Michelle Suskauer, a legal analyst.

Investigators even claim the mother of Hunt, Kelley Hunt Smith, texted the alleged victim.

"Please delete everything and make sure no finds out you've spoke to Kate at all," prosecutors said Hunt Smith wrote.

Students like O'Neal just want the entire ordeal to end.

"Everyone just wants it to be done and over with and probably never hear the name 'Kaitlyn Hunt' again," said O'Neal. "It's affected not only her, but people, the family, friends, the whole school itself."

Family and the attorney for Hunt did not want to comment.

The state attorney's office said a date to deal with the matter has not been set but, the plea deal it offered is still on the table.

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