Kaitlyn Hunt: Emergency hearing set to decide whether Sebastian teen will remain out of jail

An emergency hearing is set for Tuesday, Aug. 20th at 1:00 p.m. to determine if Kaitlyn Hunt will remain out of jail. 

Judge Robert Pegg will hear a notice of violation of pretrial release conditions for Hunt.

The hearing will happen at the Indian River County Courthouse in Vero Beach according to the clerk.

This is when the State Attorney's Office and the Defense will go before the judge to discuss the pretrial release conditions and alleged violations.

The state attorney has filed a violation of the conditions because they claim Kaitlyn Hunt has had repeated contact with the victim in the case.

According to the clerk, there is no order revoking her bond as of now.

She will likely remain on bond until the judge makes a decision at Tuesday's hearing.

Meanwhile, Hunt's family says a new lawyer has joined their defense team.

William Korman, an attorney from Boston, told WPTV Friday he just flew in to work on the case.

Hunt's mother Kelley Hunt Smith posted to the Free Kait facebook page: " Dear friends and supporters, this afternoon we learned that Attorney William A. Korman, an attorney who has been nationally recognized for his work defending individuals accused of sexual misconduct, has joined Kate's formidable legal team. Mr. Korman, who is based in Boston, Massachusetts, was so outraged by the spurious attacks against Kate, that he agreed to become involved in this case based on his moral outrage at the criminalization of what would be considered typical adolescent behavior and actions. We look forward to Attorney Korman assisting us in this matter. We thank you all for your continued support. "

Hunt's father Steven Hunt wrote: " This has been an extremely difficult day. But the most difficult and painful part of the day was coming to grips with how these allegations have affected each and everyone of you. For many of you this day may have questioned your belief in this cause, or have given you pause on whether to continue to support us. We can only ask that you give us a little more time to respond to your questions and the allegations made by the State. Because of the nature of these allegations, our lawyers have requested that we not speak out at this time. They have not had a chance to review the materials and making any kind of statement on what is actually contained in them is premature.Please do not to read into our silence -- it makes us very uncomfortable to be prevented from telling you openly about what has happened and how we feel about it. In the coming days, we will do our best, within the restrictions that either our l awyers or the state places on us, to fully explain the situation and begin to rebuild your belief in a cause we all feel strongly about. Standing Strong for Kate. "


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