Bomb-making materials hurt woman

Man arrested in connection with incident

SEBASTIAN — A Sebastian resident has been arrested in connection with Sunday's explosion of bomb-making materials in a backyard shed that critically injured a Sebastian woman at her home, a police spokesman said early Monday.

Andrew Hallock, 27, of the 600 block of Mulberry Street, Sebastian, is charged with making or throwing a destructive device. He was jailed 4 a.m. Monday.

Bail was set at $20,000 during Hallock's first-appearance hearing Monday morning. He declined comment at the hearing.

Part of Mulberry Street was closed off during the investigation.

Nancy Galuppo was flown to Orlando Regional Medical Center on Sunday afternoon for treatment of injuries received in a explosion about 2 p.m. outside her home on the 1700 block of Shakespeare Street. Galuppo was in surgery late Sunday night, police said.

"There was possible bomb-making material in the shed," said Officer Steve Marcinik, spokesman for the Sebastian Police Department. He added that Sebastian police working the scene could not identify the material. They sealed off the home and waited Sunday night for the Brevard County Sheriff's Office bomb squad to declare the area safe.

Galuppo is not responsible for the suspected bomb-making material that was found in the shed, Marcinik said.

"It's not the victim," Marcinik said. "It's not Nancy (Galuppo)."

Galuppo next door neighbor recalled hearing a "huge explosion like several electrical transformers" or a propane tank exploding "I felt the window shake," she said Monday.

When Galuppo went outside she heard Galuppo screaming, "'Help me, help me.' She was completely covered in blood."

Neighbors helped including two nurses.

The corrugated metal sides and roof of the metal shed were bowed outward as a result of the blast.

In addition to the Brevard bomb squad, personnel from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and a state fire marshal also were at the scene late Sunday night.

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