Alfred Geary responsible for mother Patricia Danna-Harrison's death, police say

New evidence released Monday afternoon by Sebastian police supports their theory that a woman, whose body washed ashore in Jupiter earlier this month, was killed by her son.

From the beginning, it was suspected that Alfred Geary, the son of Patricia Danna-Harrison, was the person behind the crime.

Monday, police released new video from Martin County that shows Geary entering the Sailfish Point community on December 21st.

Geary was hired to take care of someone's boat and house.  That boat owner later brought something to the attention of police.

"When further speaking to him (boat owner), he checked his engine log for the time period that Patricia Harrison went missing and discovered that there was 2.7 hours that was unaccounted for on his engine log," said Detective Todd Finnegan with the Sebastian Police Department.

Video from another surveillance camera shows a person detectives say is Geary, using a dolly and then loading something onto a boat.

That boat then takes off.

As for how Harrison died, detectives say she was stabbed a number of times and strangled.

She was wrapped in a fitted sheet taken from the home where Harrison and Geary lived.  Harrison's head was wrapped in green duct tape and a kitchen trash bag.

Both of those items were also found in the home Geary and Harrison shared.

Alfred Geary will never be charged in this case as he committed suicide right before he was scheduled to talk with investigators a second time.

Detectives say they are still waiting on some other evidence and should officially close this case in another week or so.

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