2 kids report suspicious man who offered them donuts at a school bus stop in Sebastian

A warning for parents. Sebastian police have stepped up patrols around school bus stops.  


On Wednesday morning, two kids were waiting for the school bus at the corner of Louisiana Avenue and Foster Road. Siblings Destiny and Devin say a man stopped his car in front of them.


"He asked us if we want donuts and he hung the bag over the window," says Devin, whose parents asked WPTV not to use his last name. 


The kids said no and the man drove away. But he came back 20 minutes later and again offered them donuts.


"We said no cause we didn't know who he was and what was gonna happen," says Destiny


The Sebastian Elementary School students told an adult who alerted police.


"It was scary," says Destiny.


Now Sebastian Police are doing extra patrols for the next week at all area school bus stops. 


"(We're) asking parents to be as vigilant as possible," says Officer Steve Marcinik, "If they see anything that could be suspicious in any matter to give us a call."


Ofc. Marcinik also wants to remind parents that kids should be supervised at school bus stops. 


Police haven't found the man. Destiny and Devin say it was an older man driving a gold colored car.  Neighbors say they're not taking any chances with their kids.


"My child will not go to the bus stop anymore," says Tiah who has three young children. 


Tiah, who did not want her last name used, worries something bad could happen. She reminds her kids never to talk to strangers.


"You never know nowadays," says Tiah, "It's so important to educate your children."

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