‘No kids' painted on grandfather's car in Vero Beach, someone upset that his granddaughter visits

VERO BEACH, Fla.-- A Treasure Coast Grandfather believes his granddaughter was the reason someone vandalized his cars.

Now, he's uneasy about having her visit him.

Bhaskar Barot woke up Thursday morning, looked outside his window, and saw yellow spray paint all over his two cars. The message read "No Kids".

Barot has a 4-year-old granddaughter that visits him frequently, and occasionally spends the night. "She is my precious, only grandbaby. I love her," Barot said.

He looks forward to the days she comes over to play, but that's about to change. "We told her she can not come here, and she started crying," Barot said.

He doesn't feel  like she is safe after someone vandalized his cars. "If she comes here and sees that, she's going to be scared. She's very sensitive."

Barat lives in the Woodfield neighborhood in Vero Beach. It's a 55+ community that has strict rules about minors staying overnight. There is a 30 day per year limit on overnight stays. Daily visits, however, are unlimited.

Barat says several neighbors have written complaints to the Homeowners Association about his granddaughter. But he says she's always inside, and doesn't cause a problem. He says he hasn't had to pay fines for having his granddaughter visit, and has never had violations because of her.

He says even if she had stayed too long, vandalizing his vehicles was not the way to handle the problem.

"Why would they do such a thing. They're human beings. They act like animals," Barat said. "There is someone in the community doing this. It's not a kids job. It is an adult."

Now, he wonders which of his neighbors vandalized his cars, limiting his time with his granddaughter, and removing a sense of security in the neighborhood.

Barat says he is looking into putting security cameras on his home.

We reached out the the president of the Homeowner's Association for more information about past complaints against Barat and his granddaughter, and for a comment about this incident. We are still waiting on a call back.

Those responsible could face a fine, jail time and a felony charge if the damage amounts to more than 1,000 dollars and they are convicted.


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