Keith Underwood denied bond in Indian River County, police say he stabbed his stepson in the head

During Keith Underwood's first appearance at the St. Lucie County courthouse, Judge Barbara Brunis told him he is being held on charges out of Indian River County and denied his bond.


Underwood is expected to be transported back to Vero Beach to face battery and child abuse charges after deputies said he stabbed his stepson in the head with a steak knife and injured his wife and stepdaughter during a domestic dispute.

The fight broke out at the home on 14th street SW Friday morning, after deputies responded to the home several times earlier.

The neighbors son, who didn't want to be identified, saw Underwood dragging his wife near the drive way. 

Her son was stabbed in the head and her daughter received injuries to her arm.

"I had ran in the house and grabbed my mom and dad and told them to come outside to break it up cause they couldn't do nothing, he was over powering all of them," said the neighbor's son.

Underwood was taken into custody at a Walgreens in Fort Pierce after calling officers regarding the incident, claiming self-defense.

Deputies said none of the injuries  were life threatening and the boy is expected to leave St. Mary's Medical Center sometime Saturday. 

Deputies still aren't sure what sparked the fight but don't think Underwood meant to harm the kids.

"It doesn't look like there was anything malicious whether he was actually trying to stab or injure the children. Looks like they were trying to intervene in the argument between mom and dad," said Thomas Raulen with the Indian River's Sheriff's Office.

No word yet on when Underwood will be transported back to Vero Beach for his next court appearance.

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