Karly, Jeffrey Krasnow: Teen Jefferson Award Winners

Find new uses for old tennis balls

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, Fla. - Almost six years ago, 16-year-old Karly and 15-year-old Jeffrey Krasnow started finding innovative ways to use tennis balls. They can turn them into candles, planters and even chairs with a cushions to match.

Jeffrey said, "We were tennis players growing up all throughout our childhood. And we would just be playing matches on a regular basis and we noticed, both Karly and I began to notice over the course of our playing, that these balls whenever they were done playing with a match, usually one match per can, whenever they were done they would just throw them out."

The two of them formed, Balls-Go-Round , which recycles the balls, then sends them off to schools and other organizations across the country that cannot afford sports equipment.

Karly said most of the time, they use their own money to pay the shipping costs. "Recently we just sent out two or three boxes filled with tennis balls to the Special Olympics center in Maine because they heard about us."

The two believe in preserving the environment-- a message they both say is catching on. "In our community we've gotten to the point where people see a tennis ball laying around and they think 'Karly and Jeffrey would like these.' And now, we just got home from school and got probably four bags of tennis balls."

When they're not recycling the balls, they're busy at school.

Karly does well in school. "I am president of the photography club, I am in National Honor Society, I am in the top 10 percent. I am on the varsity tennis team."

Her brother is a good student as well. "I am treasurer of our student government at school, I am on the math team, I can do a lot of those competitions like that I am also a National Honor Society as well."

Balls go Round: http://www.ballsgoround.org/index.html

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