Joel Bray: Jefferson Award winner sows seeds of love at Shining Light Garden

Joel Bray is proud of his garden. He grows herbs, vegetables and fruits on 20 acres of land in Indian River County.

 Joel also grows flowers.

"We just give flowers to the Hospice House, the vegetables we give to food pantries."

For almost four years, he has been reaching out to homebound seniors through his Shining Light Garden.

"And I saw the change that it made in their lives and how it gave them joy just to receive something and that somebody would take the time to do it."

"Basically we depend on God and He has not let us down. And we get everything we need, it's pretty amazing really. To me it's a labor of love. I love to grow and I love to give. It's a no brainer."

He says even college kids come out to volunteer in his garden.

"Just to show my love and to serve others, that's all I want to do. And it's the people that I meet and what I get to sow into their lives and these kids that come out. There is so much more here that I found out instead of vegetables. It's what I am able to sow in these young kids’ lives that I say you've got the power to change a life."

 Joel Bray, growing more than a garden.

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