Indian River County Sheriff's Office debuts new forensic center

Investigators now using more updated technology

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, Fla. -- When crime is all but rare, the Indian River County Sheriff's Office is now feeling more prepared than ever to put the next criminal behind bars.

Friday, the Sheriff's Office debuted its new, state of the art Forensics facility to the public.

That's where Crime Scene Investigators hope to use new technology to examine more evidence, leading to more arrests.

"You can't imagine how much more enthusiastic this has made me and my whole team about their jobs," said Sgt. Kyle King.

King says the building cost roughly $1.6 million, while the property was an additional $800,000.

Inside, investigators are already implementing new technology.

That includes more thorough fingerprinting technology that could help close more cold cases, according to King.

"When we first brought it up, we got about 250 hits that the previous system had missed."

Additionally, the Sheriff's Office is testing new technology that provides DNA results in less than two hours, rather than weeks.

"It's really a game changer for us,"  King said.

Investigators can also now document and photograph crime or accident scenes more quickly with laser technology.

They can also put together re-enactment videos of a crime to show jurors. They say their information can help explain a crime to jurors and help them make more informed decisions.

But one of the biggest changes for investigators will be about 10,000 more square feet of space, compared to their old work conditions.

"Having the space to do everything that needs to be done is really critical," said King.

Evidence rooms also nearly tripled in size. "In our old space, we were literally up to the ceiling overflowing.

King says investigators are now better prepared to make room for the next big case.

"We never forget the fact that our next big case is right around the corner," he said.