Indian River County School District superintendent recommends the firing of a bus driver

Driver's disciplinary actions questioned

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, Fla. - An Indian River County bus driver's job is on the line after a month long investigation regarding her disciplinary style. 

The superintendent is recommending that bus driver, Beatrice Anderson, be fired effective July 23.

The mom whose sons were the focus of this investigation said she never wanted Anderson to lose her job, just get more training from the district. 

Holly Dowd is just getting the news that Anderson will be fired for the disciplinary action she took on her kids. 

"Obviously, it's not appropriate. I do feel bad though that she's going to lose her job. It does upset me," said Dowd. 

She said the district should've provided Anderson with more training. 

"I know it's got to be stressful," said Dowd. "But if they can get some feedback on help on how to keep them in their seats."

Dowd was not the one who filed the initial complaint. Albert Davis contacted the district after hearing the story. 

Davis's grandson's shoes were also taken.

He said, "The kids are going to be rambunctious. You've got to be a certain minded person to take care of kids like that. You can't treat kids like that."

In a letter addressed to district leaders, Anderson admit to having some unruly kids on her bus.

She wrote the boys even went as far as pouring liquid on another student.  That's when Anderson asked for their clothes. 

Anderson also wrote that the North County Charter principal knew of her disciplinary style. No statement from the principal has been released at this time. 

Superintendent Adams said that Anderson violated the standards of ethical conduct policy. 

She wrote Anderson failed to use acceptable disciplinary procedures and exposed students to unnecessary embarrassment. 

Dowd said she was not aware an investigation was taking place and wished the district had contacted her. 

"I admit that my children probably acted up on the bus. I never meant that it's the bus driver responsibility to discipline them. I just don't think she should have disciplined them that way," said Dowd. 

Anderson was unreachable for comment.  

The recommendation will be addressed at the next school board meeting on July 22 at 6 p.m.

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