Florida unemployment claims website update: Senator Bill Nelson wants Labor Department investigation

Problems with online claims system

SEBASTIAN, Fla. - Saniyah Jacobs is just seven-days-old.

She snuggles in the arms of her grandmother, unaware of the stress she is under.

Carrie Jacobs was laid off from her medical assistant job in Sebastian in November.

It was a tough holiday season for Jacobs without the money to host her annual Christmas dinner.

She's been on the phone, and on-line, constantly looking for work, while waiting on unemployment.  So far the wait is at eight weeks.  She feels the state is letting her down.

"I'm very benevolent in my giving and I just felt like I should be able to get something back, I'm in distress right now," says the grandmother of eight children.

Jacobs goes on-line to demonstrate the issues she's facing.

In one place, it says she has gone back to work full-time which isn't true.

But another place says she has been approved for her weekly benefits of $275.

Jacobs says even with that approval, she still doesn't have the money in hand and her concern is she'll get evicted from her apartment that she's only been in for about a month.

"I don't use the system, I don't try and beat the system.  I don't want to be a part of the system," she added.

But until she can find work, she knows she needs the system and not just for herself.

Sen. Bill Nelson sent a letter to the Labor Department Secretary to investigate why there have been so many issue with Florida's new unemployment claims system.

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