Florida Organic Aquaculture unveils closed-water shrimp production facility in Fellsmere

Holds open house

A new shrimp farm on the Treasure Coast could have a jumbo sized impact on the local economy.

Florida Organic Aquaculture has built the largest closed-water shrimp production facility in the country in Fellsmere.

An open house Wednesday brought out hundreds of curious people to look at the growing ponds that contain some 10 million shrimp.

The facility is the length of three and a half football fields.

Shrimp are brought here from a nursery where they will grow for about 4 months.

 "Americans are becoming much more food quality conscious and fresh never frozen is something imported shrimp can't compete with,” said Cliff Morris with Florida Organic Aquaculture.

The first harvest is scheduled for June with the goal of producing 1.1 million pounds of shrimp annually.

Once built out, the project will generate more than 500 jobs.​