Don Ryce, father of murdered child Jimmy Ryce, speaks about son's killer and scheduled execution

Don Ryce, the father of Jimmy Ryce who was kidnapped and murdered twenty years ago in Miami-Dade County, spoke out Friday from his home in Indian River County.

The child was abducted by Juan Carlos Chavez September 11, 1995 after Ryce was dropped off by his school bus.

Chavez took Jimmy back to his trailer, sexually battered him and eventually shot and killed him when the boy tried to escape.

Yesterday the governor signed a death warrant for Chavez.

"Revenge is a personal thing. If you go after revenge, it basically means nothing. The death penalty is quite a different matter. In a world where you can get away with just about anything, do anything and get forgiven, this is one of the few times that even our society says your crime was so great, so evil, so heinous that you have forfeited your right to live."

Ryce said the decision to sign Chavez's death warrant and set a execution date did not bring any closure, but was another chapter in the case. "It's not like he's executed and everything is all good."

Ryce said he plans on being at the execution, "It's been a long time coming... the thought that this man will not get away with what he did, that there will eventually be some justice in this case as there should be."

Chavez will be put to death Wednesday, February 12, 2014, at 6 p.m.

NewsChannel 5's Tania Rogers contributed to this report

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