YMCA needs new child care facility

Fundraising underway for YMCA of the Palm Beaches

PALM SPRINGS, Fla. - A group known for its work in communities needs your help to better serve its community.

The YMCA of the Palm Beaches is raising money to build a new daycare facility.

"The old child care center that used to be here had to be torn down," says YMCA of the Palm Beaches board member Dr. Scott McCranels.

That's where this story starts for the group.

Storm damage from 2005 was too much for the daycare facility and it was torn down last year.

Now YMCA child care takes place in a temporary facility neighboring the YMCA’s main building on Congress Avenue in Palm Springs.

The YMCA wants to build a new child care facility.

It will cost 1 million dollars to build and YMCA leaders are raising funds.

"You can see it's ready. It just needs to raise the right funds. We have a plan, we have sketches, we have drawings," said McCranels.

The new building has the capability of holding many more children than the temporary home.

The temporary building can hold up 75 children and the new building can hold up to 128.

16 families are on the waiting list for the YMCA child care program.

Those families have to be turned away because there's no room.

Associate Branch Director Kim Luchina says, "It hardens us. It's a hardship for us to know the capacity of what we can be able to build and where we're at right now."

If you’d like to donate to this cause, go to the YMCA of the Palm Beaches website .

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