Dead whale near Boca Raton beach south of Spanish River Boulevard

BOCA RATON, Fla. - UPDATE: Allison Garrett of NOAA says that the beach whale that was found in Boca Raton is not the same whale that washed up in the Florida Keys in January.

Biologists determined they are two different whales by looking at photographs of both mammals.

Biologists say the whale in the Keys was more badly decomposed than the one in Boca Raton. They also looked at the right flippers of each whale to determine the difference as well.



A 35-to-40 foot dead sperm whale was spotted Friday morning near the Boca Raton shore just south of Spanish River Boulevard.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are responding to the scene.

It appears the whale had been dead for a while and rough seas pushed it just offshore.

A bulldozer was called to move the whale to the beach where a NOAA biologist will conduct tests and try to determine the mammal's cause of death.

This whale might be the same one that washed up on the Florida Keys January 4th. It was never disposed of and washed back out to sea where it was attacked by sharks.

It's possible the current brought it to Palm Beach County.


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