Yellow Cab drivers questioned in West Palm Beach shooting of man on bicycle, victim hospitalized

Police continue search for shooter, vehicle used

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - The search continued on Monday for the driver whom West Palm Beach Police said shot a person riding their bike, then sped off near Broadway Street.

Surveillance footage shows the area where the person was shot. In the video, a bicyclist is seen driving by a gas station with a tax cab trailing behind, believed to be from the Yellow Cab company.

Outside one of the Yellow Cab offices, managers confirmed that police officers have been questioning drivers about the shooting of the cyclist.

Several cab drivers identified the vehicle in the video as a "para-transit" taxi, a vehicle that can move people who are physically disabled.

One cab driver who uses the "para-transit" vehicles said that he saw the police officers at the office, but was not questioned.

Yellow Cab managers released this statement:

"At this time we are assisting the police in their investigation," wrote Bob Lydon of Yellow Cab parent company Southeastern Florida Transportation.

Lydon said that his drivers are being questioned. He also confirmed all vehicles are accounted for but would not specify if any drivers were missing.

The West Palm Beach Police Department said it has officers knocking on doors but so far no arrests in relation to the shooting have been made.

The person who was shot is still in serious condition.

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