Shooters still at large after West Palm Beach teen shot, killed

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- The search is on for two men who police say shot and killed a teen in a West Palm Beach neighborhood Sunday afternoon.

The shooting happened near 32nd Street and Greenwood around 5:30 p.m., blocking off nearby roads for hours as police collected evidence and tried to piece together what happened.

Rontavious Price, 18, was riding his bike when two men pulled up in a black sports car and started firing, according to police. The two men then drove away and Price died at the scene.

Police said they are still investigating if Price, who was armed with a gun, exchanged gunfire with the two men.

"All of a sudden we just heard a whole bunch of shooting," said Bell McKenzie, a nearby resident. "My daughter said, 'Momma somebody's lighting fireworks out there.' I said, '(no), that sounds like gunshots'."

McKenzie was doing her Sunday chores when she heard the noise and knew something wasn't right.

"It's sad that it happens to anybody especially a kid that's less than 20 years old," said Allan Ortman, West Palm Beach police spokesperson. "It happens too many times. We got to get these guns off the street."

Ortman said he did not know why the men were shooting at each other, but believes the men were not from the neighborhood where it happened.

"It's a nice area. It's actually made a major comeback," Ortman said. "It's full of nice single family homes and we don't have many problems here at all."

The shooting was a disheartening reality for residents who worry that they are beginning to lose their community.

"It makes you scared to be out at night time where you can sit around and not have to worry about it. But now, it's getting bad. You really can't be out on the street anymore. It's horrible," McKenzie said.

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