WPB CRA want more police patrolling the Broadway Corridor with hopes of bringing future developments

Community development leaders hope city commissioners will approve to put more police officers on Broadway Ave. in order to build up the Corridor.

Bob Badone, who owns Atlantic Auto Sales Inc. has had a business on the avenue for 29 years.

He keeps a mannequin of a law enforcement officer standing at the entrance of the car lot , hoping it will keep criminals away.

But "Uncle Bobby" as he's called, can only do so much.

"We've had in the past, several incidents of break ins and your typical car thefts, radios, batteries,” said Badone.

Now West Palm Beach community development leaders want to put more police around the Broadway Corridor to not only help with crime, but to build up the area economically.

Jon Ward, with the West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency said, "We're going to be able to advocate for development in that area without being accused of luring someone into a sub-standard area. "

Neighbors said Broadway Ave. has been plagued with crime over the last several months.

It was just over a month ago that 27 year old Tyler Caldwell was gunned down at the 3400 block after getting off a Palm Tran bus late one night.

There have been other shootings that have followed since.

Frustrated Northend residents took to the streets last weekend, marching down the avenue during an anti-violence rally.

Ward wants to use funds already allocated by the CRA for these additional officers.

While Badone appreciates the additional police presence, he says it's only a matter of time before the crime wave will strike again.

"It certainly can help, over the years I've noticed when they add extra floating police, you know, their presence,” said Badone. “You see them, you feel them, you know they're here, but it's usually a short lived time."

Ward said the CRA attempted to redevelop the corridor back in 2007, but the plans fell through.

Now he’s hoping to use the same officials that he worked with the last time, on the project, hoping they can get it done.

Ward will present these plans at the city commission meeting Tuesday.