Project Prevention: Barbara Harris pays to sterilize drug and alcohol addicts

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A North Carolina woman is in South Florida on a mission: to prevent drug and alcohol addicts from having babies.

Barbara Harris is the founder of  "Project Prevention."

She takes an RV filled with volunteers around the country, spreading the message of the non-profit agency.

Harris says she was inspired to start the project when she adopted her daughter, Destiny. She says Destiny's biological mother was a drug addict, and when Destiny was born she had several drugs in her system. Harris and her husband later adopted several more children from the same mother, prompting them to start  the non-profit.

Harris pays men and women addicts to get sterilized, so fewer babies will be born with drugs in their system or fetal alcohol syndrome.

She allows addicts to sign up with her group, then go to a doctor to get sterilized or get long term birth control. Once a doctor confirms the participant is covered, Harris gives the addict up to three hundred dollars.

She says she doesn't care what they do with the money, as long as more babies aren't conceived to drug addicts.

Harris has witnessed some backlash to her cause. Opponents say she should spend money on helping people get off drugs, rather than get them sterilized.

You can find out more about her organization on .

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